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How To Write Elegant Code with C# Switch Expressions

How To Write Elegant Code with C# Switch Expressions

Discover how to write elegant code in C# by using switch expressions. This guide provides shows how switch expressions can simplify your code and improve readability. Learn through practical examples and start writing more elegant and maintainable code today.

Mastering Exception Handling in C#: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Exception Handling in C#: A Comprehensive Guide

Exception handling allows to gracefully manage errors, ensuring applications remain stable and user-friendly under unforeseen circumstances. This guide provides a comprehensive look at exception handling in C#, covering everything from basic try/catch blocks to throwing custom exceptions.

Exploring Data Mapping Options in EF CORE

Exploring Data Mapping Options in EF CORE

EF Core allows to customize a model mapping using fluent API, data annotations, seperate configuration classes and attributes. Learn more about all these options in this blog post full with code examples

Source code

Get the source code for my blog posts on github

Ever found yourself deep into an engaging blog post, thrilled by the coding examples provided, only to hit a wall when trying to replicate the code on your own? We've all been there, scratching our heads, wondering why our code isn't working as in the examples.

To eliminate this frustration and enhance your learning experience, I've made the source code for my blog posts available on GitHub for my sponsors. These aren't just snippets; they are 100% working examples from my blog posts.

Unlock exclusive access to the source code from the blog posts by joining my Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee communities! Your support not only helps me continue creating valuable content but also grants you access to the fully functional code that makes learning smoother and more enjoyable.

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